Audience response to Stroud Theatre Company's

from Polly Teale of Shared Experience. 8/11/2013
Chriyou for bringing Mathbethalone to Oxford. 

It was good to have the day and then the morning with you on Tuesday. I've enjoyed exploring the piece and think it's a vivid and inspired way of conjuring the play. My feeling is that the piece needs some work on getting the journey and the changing dynamics clearer so that it doesn't become overwrought with emotion and lose it's subtle shifts and changes. Some of the language was hard to catch in the the run on Wednesday. I think it's about remembering that he is trying to regain control over himself, he is trying to find clarity and create some order in the chaos. He is a warrior so must have a toughness and strong need to be in control and suppress feeling, particularly pain and vulnerability. There is the numbness he describes which might be an interesting energy to play with. Obviously in a one man show it's crucial to find the shifts and changes and make sure the journey is finely calibrated. I'm sure you know all this and are well able to achieve it with a little more time. You certainly have a very strong connection to the material and a wonderful sense of the madness and pain at it's heart.

V best