Audience response to Stroud Theatre Company's

from Paul Milton, Creative Director of the Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham
Macbeth Alone

Chris Garner’s performance at the Stroud Theatre Festival is a one man tour-de-force.  It’s a really clever script, all of which has been written by William Shakespeare (but not necessarily in that order and not all of it from “Macbeth”) – it tells the entire story of the play of Macbeth, all seen from the viewpoint of the central character.
The set is a simple one: a scaffold tower with moveable planks of wood, which Chris climbs through, in and out to good visual effect.  The props are similarly simple, but always effective (the bloody crown works well).
This monologue play lasts for about an hour, but an awful lot of physical and psychological action is packed into this time.  It’s one of those pieces that you want to see again in order to delve deeper into Macbeth’s emotional journey.
The plan is to add a filmic background to this play.  Macbeth Alone is a fine piece already, but with projected support it could be truly excellent.
I look forward to seeing the ongoing development of this very, very good show.

Paul Milton (Creative Director)
01242 512515 ext 230