Audience response to Stroud Theatre Company's

from Benedict Eccles, Artistic Director of Sixth Sense Theatre Company (
Hi Chris
I just wanted to write to say thanks for inviting me to come and see Macbeth Alone which I very much enjoyed last week at the Stroud fringe festival.
I recently saw Branagh’s Macbeth as part of the NT live project; whilst I enjoyed their production, I thought that the production was slightly too pacy in its storytelling and it kind of missed the psychological journey that Macbeth goes on - which for me is the point of the play. However, when I can see your production, I was very pleased to see that you followed Shakespeare's lead as such and deliberately allowed us to explore Macbeth’s psychology both after the murder of Duncan and the loss of his wife and prior to his demise. I really thought you conveyed the complexity of the greed, ambition, insanity, sorrow and fear that Macbeth experiences in a very powerful way. It was a very competent one man show. The acting was first rate. The hour whizzed by. I was trying to listen to your every word and I thought that the writing in particular was very complimentary to what is arguably the greatest written English (i.e. Shakespeare). I very much hope the production goes from strength to strength. I think the idea of incorporating multimedia projection and/or monitors will add a third dimension to help bring the story to life even more by building on what is already a very powerful piece of theatre. Simon’s soundscape was beautifully crafted and became a second actor for me.