Big Brother is Watching Lancaster

Wednesday 1 September 2010

BIG Brother will be watching over Lancaster from the weekend.

Shoppers visiting St Nicholas Arcades could be caught on camera and see themselves on screen, thanks to a CCTV-themed display set up to publicise 1984 – the first major production of The Dukes autumn season.

1984 is a co-production with nationally-acclaimed touring theatre, Northern Broadsides.

Featuring animation and film sequences alongside the live action on stage, it is the most technically advanced production ever staged by the company.

The display in Lancaster city centre, aims to emphasise what it could be like living in an oppressive world where Big Brother watches over all and the Thought Police rule with an iron fist.

From the Party lies of the Ministry of Truth to the sheer terror of Room 101, the audience at '1984' will be immersed in a world that is frighteningly familiar.

George Orwell's nightmare vision of the future, '1984', re-imagined for the stage by prolific playwright Nick Lane, opens at The Dukes on Thursday, September 16. Tickets to the show cost from 8 to 17 and can be booked at The Dukes box office on 01524 598500 or